Smart Automated A/C Drain Line Cleaning System

No More A/C Clogs, Shutdowns or Drain Pan Overflows. Guaranteed!

Get the iFLO® Smart Automated A/C Drain Line Cleaning System with 36oz Cleaner Cartridge

*phone not included.

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  • Automatically dispenses our proven bio-enzymatic cleaning fluid every 2 weeks that actively breaks down Zooglea, and flushes it out the drain pan and drain line.

  • Prevents costly clogs, drain pan overflows and shutdowns.

  • Smart geo-location to automatically dispense based on your temperature and humidity.

  • Super easy to install in less than 5 minutes with no tools - Guaranteed. Kit includes everything you need!

  • Smart App guides you through installation, monitors, maintains and notifies you when cartridge is low and can order you a new one.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee | Free Shipping

Just got my iFlo in and installed it in about 20 minutes. Directions and installation were a breeze. App was easy to access and use. Ran a test and it is working like a charm.

Ann E. | Verified Review |  February 10, 2024

Let iFLO Save You Money in the Long Run!

  • Save: Estimated cost of water damage from leaking A/C: $10,000

  • Save: Annual Emergency service cost for clogged drain line: $1,050

  • Save: Annual maintenance cost to have drain lines cleared: $600

  • Save: Cost for an iFLO is only pennies a day!

Peace of mind knowing your A/C is not going to shut off 

or drain pan overflow: Priceless!

Prevent Clogs and Leaks Before It's Too Late! 

With iFLO, You Don't Have to Worry About A/C Clogs, Floods or Shutdowns Ever Again

Stop Using 

Corrosive Chemicals

Bleach and vinegar are corrosive and damage your A/C . They also do not reach the drain pan where Zooglea lives and grows.

Eliminate Your 

Maintenance Headaches

Taking apart your A/C to put in corrosive tablets every few months is dangerous and a hassle, and bringing in an HVAC tech is time consuming and expensive.

Make Your A/C 

Maintenance Free

Set it and forget it! iFLO does all the work for you by automatically dispensing a bio-enzymatic cleaner into your drain pan and drain line every two weeks when your local temp is above 74 degrees F, giving you 24/7/365 protection.
iFLO Attacks at The Source

iFLO uses patented technology to dispense the cleaning fluid upstream directly into your drain pan to dissolve the Zooglea where its lives and grows.

Here’s The Proof

An actual untouched photo of iFLO's proprietary non-corrosive bio-enzymatic formula breaking down and dissolving the drain clogging zooglea over 72 hours.

Installs in Under 5 Minutes!

Installation is EASY! Just download the iFLO app, stick iFLO on the air handler, connect to the drain line, and insert cleaning cartridge.

Easy to install! I had clogged drain lines many times in different homes and can cause major problems. Works great! 

Brenda B. | Verified Review | February 8, 2024

*phone not included.

Your SMART HVAC expert 24/7 from The Palm Of Your Hand

The iFLO app will ensure:
  • Your setup is done correctly

  • You’re notified in real-time after each dispense
  • The next iFlO dispensing is automatically scheduled

  • You are alerted when your cleaner cartridge is running low
  • A replacement cleaner cartridge is delivered right to your door

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free Shipping

"It was a step-by-step app and it was the simplest thing to install!"

“Stop using a wet vac or a hose to unclog your A/C drain line and stop worrying about your A/C clogging every time you go away.

Let iFLO do it all for you automatically giving you the peace of mind you deserve, because your A/C will never shut down or have a drain pan overflow ever again!”

- Joe McDonnell - Inventor & Founder

Why People Love iFLO

A must buy for your air conditioner!
This product is a must buy for your AC! I’ve had clogged drain lines for years, I’m excited to have a product that finally automates and solves my clogged drain lines. It’s the easiest product to install, the app is very intuitive. I highly recommend the iFLO especially for those who live in Florida and warm climate states!

Marty L.

Verified Review

Reviewed on January 19, 2024

Easy install and works great!
We have had this problem when the drain lines clog up and the water fills up the drain pan and then the a/c unit shuts off.. This machine was super easy to install and works great! Just set it up and it does the maintenance for you. It's one less thing to have to remember to do and a whole lot of peace of mind.

Mark Y.

Verified Review

Reviewed on January 20, 2024

Why didn't I think of this?

This product is a game changer, installed in 5 mins and set it to send it's first flush. The app sets the intervals but you can request an additional flush if you so desire to. Liked it so much, got a second one for my 2nd AC, a 3.5 ton unit.


Verified Review

Reviewed on January 22, 2024

Peace of mind!!
iFlo is the future! My air handler is located in an attic, and I used to get drain line clogs several times a year that would ruin the ceiling of my home from the overflowing drain pan dripping. iFlo allowed me to set it and forget it... making expensive drywall repairs a thing of the past. Also, not having to climb up into my hot attic to service my unit is well worth the cost.

Bernard H.

Verified Review

Reviewed on January 19, 2024

Super easy to install. My AC was stopping every few weeks due to the drain pan filling up. Since installing this product all my issues have been resolved.

Faiz A. | Verified Review| February 10, 2024

What's Inside Each Kit

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We're so confident that iFLO will prevent you from ever getting a clogged drain line or a drain pan overflow, you can try it for 90 days - RISK FREE! If you don't love it, simply send it back - no questions asked!

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No More A/C Clogs, shutdowns or drain pan overflows ever again... Guaranteed!

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  • Everything you need to connect it to your A/C handler

  • (2) 36oz iFLO® cleaning cartridge (3-6 Month Supply)

  • Free iFLO Smart App with free subscription

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